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Wendy Musselman
Wendy Musselman
Published on October 8, 2021

Many people I meet with are amazed at the range of
options they have open to them when it’s time to make
a move.

Don’t be Forced to Make a Move, Be Ready!
There are various options people can take advantage of that will
allow them to stay in their home, including home modification
programs. This outlook is always top of mind for many, however
for others it may not be feasible. Let’s take a look at some
available housing options that meet the varying needs of the
mature adult.

Active Adult Lifestyle Community
Active adult lifestyle communities throughout Ontario offer
ideal living in a community of people your own age. In these
communities, you will have everything necessary to enjoy life to
the fullest, stay in great physical shape and live a life of

Retirement Homes, Residencies, & Communities
Generally, retirement communities are designed for seniors who
need minimal to moderate support with their daily living
activities. These settings enable residents to live as
independently as possible, while providing certain services and
social activities.

Long-Term Care Homes
Long-Term Care Homes are places where seniors receive support
services. They are often the right choice for seniors who need
help with the activities of daily living, access to 24-hour nursing
care, or supervision in a secure setting. In general, Long-Term
Care Homes offer higher levels of personal care and support
than those typically offered by either retirement homes or
supportive housing.

Assisted Living
The Local Health Integration Networks (LHIN’s) currently fund a
variety of assisted living/supportive housing programs including
Assisted Living Services for High Risk Seniors. Assisted Living
Services support people with special needs who require services
at a greater frequency or intensity than home care but without
the medical monitoring or supervision that would be provided in
a long-term care home (LTCH). The program also aims to
promote wellness and improve the health in order to enable
individuals to remain independent.

Co-housing offers an innovate alternative to shared housing
options available to seniors. Each owner has an undivided
freehold interest in the home and each co-owner is registered as
Tenant in Common on the title/deed. Co-owners control all
aspects of operating the entire home, and each resident
contributes to, and is accountable for household decisions.
“Shared Home Ownership” is growing in popularity, both abroad
and throughout North America. Some organizations adapt this
concept to the unique requirements of senior citizens, people
with disabilities, students, and anyone else who wishes to create
an intergenerational home.

As a Pivotal-ASA™ Realtor I can work with you to:
• Research your options for future housing
• Inform you of the various funding programs available to help
you to ‘age in place’
• Reach out to my network of exceptional specialists to meet
your needs in making a transition
• Facilitate a conversation between yourself and your ‘adult

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